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​​Stock Sizes

 Blocks    1.50" to 6" thick:     12"x 12"   12"x 24"   24"x 24"   24"x 48"  

  Cylinders  12" long                     1" to 12" Diameter      48 D to 101 D ​

Smaller stock sizes available with some products

Tolerances +/- 1/8"

Resin kits are available for each formulation if you want to make your own Machineable Plastic.

SMALLER STOCK SIZES FOR PATTERNS, SIGNS, PROTOTYPES, CARVINGS, TOOLING, MODEL MAKERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE       Note: Boards are not precision cast, more like rough lumber (tolerances + 1/8")

​ Stock sizes ship within 1 to 3 days. FOB our facilities 

Freight Quotes upon Request

Prices subject to change without notice.


R1 / HG 3000

Tooling grade, strong, smooth, dimensionally stable. Use for patterns, molds for composites, thermoforming tool, intricate prototypes, tooling reference fixtures, models. Density is 101 lbs. pcf. Unlimited thickness or size. Parts have been cast up to 14,000 lbs.

R1 / M15.2

General purpose.  Density is 61 lbs. pcf.

​​​​Tom Anderson, Anderboat Models Benicia,CA Machine with BUTTERBOARD®

Machineable Plastics

​​R1 / HG 3000 10 ft. OD x 9.2 ft. ID x 10 in. tall. 2300 lbs 


Goldenwest Mfg., Inc. makes urethane castings such as the pictures here. Butterboard is nonabrasive for machining, glass smooth, modeling board for signs, in schools, machine trade shows and CNC proofing, thermoforming tool, that you can carve, mill, sand, rout, paint. Density is 48 pcf.  1.50" to 6" thick.  (tolerance + 1/8")

Mandrel with 2" pipe made with BUTTERBOARD®


Nonabrasive urethane and polyethylene combination board. Machines like very hard wax but makes a permanent part. Test machine for trade show and school demos, thermoforming tool, prototypes. Not for painting, cell structure has small pinholes. Density is 65 lbs. pcf.​

Model Board® Resin 100®

Nonabrasive 100% resin, no fillers

Perfect for machining small patterns, models, jewelry designs, prototypes and CNC proofing.  Very nice smooth cell structure. Ivory color.

Small sizes in stock

 3" x 5" x 12" or 3" x 5" x 24"

Density is 64 lbs. pcf. 

Disc shape minus corners,  GMI Casting prior to machining.

51 in. Diameter x 15 in tall.            Approx 2200 lbs 

​Bay Craft Designs

​Toms River, New Jersey Carved out of BUTTERBOARD®

Custom Castings

  Solid Cylinders     Rings      Donuts               Custom Shapes & Sizes             

Large Parts

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