Densities                   Sheet Sizes

       4 pcf     30 pcf                        20" x 60"

      6 pcf     34 pcf                        24" x 60"

       8 pcf     40 pcf                     30" x 80"

      10 pcf    48 pcf                        48" x 60"

       12 pcf   60 pcf                         4' x 8'

       15 pcf   70 pcf                         4' x 10'

       18 pcf   75 pcf                          5' x 8'

       20 pcf    25 pcf                        5' x 10'

 Ask about our NEW 25 pcf. Similar          performance to our 30 pcf while proving cost-effective & lightweight.

"Delighting our customers since 1973"

NC Proofboard Companion Products

Goldenwest Mfg. offers a full line of companion products specifically designed for use with NC Proofboard High Density Urethane to assist with your project.

NC Proofboard High Density Urethane LT from Goldenwest Manufacturing is a "closed cell" rigid polyurethane product made specifically for applications of up to 200 degrees F continuous exposure. NC Proofboard High Density Urethane LT is available in a wide range of standard sheet sizes and standard densities and can be cut or bonded into a variety of shapes for final machining or shaping. You can get a free sample or request a quote. Technical support is available at            NC Proofboard High Density Urethane HIGH TEMP available! Ask us!

  • Less Dust - More Chips for a better working environment
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lasts Up to 10 times longer than wood 
  • Closed Cell Structure - Won't absorb anything
  • Will not crack, rot or peel
  • Easily cut or machined with standard HSS cutting tools
  • Meets flammability burn test requirements of ASTM D-1692-74, Far 25.853, Mil-P-26514 & ASTM D635


NC Proofboard High Density Urethane is made with Green "eco-friendly" urethane components and is the only product on the market with a documented, certified "Carbon Balance" of 3 to 1 and "Rapidly Renewable Resource Content" of 23.9%. NC Proofboard LT is totally inert and contains no VOC's, no carcinogens and is non-toxic. NC Proofboard High Density Urethane now assists in meeting LEED requirements for obtaining USGBS and ICC 700-2008 building credits. 

Our NC Proofboard material is wrapped up safe and secure using multiple layers of protective packaging, including cover sheets made from NC Proofboard urethane. Orders are delivered on pallets secured with metal bands. .

We can deliver a custom-bonded block or step-tool in near-net shape to you, ready for machining upon delivery, saving you material and labor costs and maximizing your machining time. Our large in-house inventory of NC Proofboard urethane tooling lets us get your tool out the door in days, not weeks. Get a quote today!

NC Proofboard Performance

The tighter cell structure of the NC Proofboard High Density Urethane has produced improved machining characteristics, resulting in more chips and less dust during cutting and machining, making for a better working environment. Higher machine feed rates are easily achieved compared to wood, epoxy or alloy substrates. 

Common Applications for High Density Urethane

  • Prototype Machining  &  Thermoforming
  • Prepreg Composite Layup Tooling & Vacuum Form Tooling
  • Tool Proofing & Master Model Making
  • Pattern Making & Soft Tooling-all types
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage, Sculptures & Carvings
  • Call us for Cryogenic applications

Fast Turnaround on Custom Thicknesses

Because NC Proofboard High Density Urethane is manufactured in large blocks up to 24" thick, they can be cut to produce sheets from 1/4" to 24" thick. As with density, the amount of raw material used to produce a given sheet varies by thickness, so thickness selection can be made according to job specifications and material cost managed accordingly.

Save time, material costs, and machining expense with our Custom Bonding Service.

Choosing the Proper NC Proofboard LT Density

Density is selected according to specific job requirements. The primary difference between densities is the thickness of the cell wall. The thicker the cell wall, the higher the density. The higher the density of NC Proofboard LT, the stronger, tougher and heavier the product is. Density also directly relates to how much raw material is required to manufacture the product and therefore directly relates to its cost. The wide variety of densities available for NC Proofboard LT means that material cost can be managed according to application-specific performance requirements. 

NC Proofboard High Density Urethane LT Features

CNC Routing NC Proofboard LT

NC Proofboard LT being cut at the optimal setting to produce the smoothest cut. 18,000 RPM, 360 inches per minute.

Cutting Bit:  Onsrud 52-624.

NC Proofboard LT is available in 16 standard densities and 8 standard sheet sizes and in thicknesses from 1/2" to 24"

*Densities are in pounds per cubic foot (pcf)

4, 6, 8, 10, 12 pcf available on 4' x 8' sheets and above

15 pcf and higher available on all sheet sizes

Custom sizes and densities available by request

See product data sheets

(530) 272-1133

High Density Urethane - NC Proofboard - HDU Low Temp & High Temp