• #891 for model makers, miniatures, picture frames, dolls, gift items, prototypes, point of purchase articles. Off white, no odor 2-3 minute gel time.  Shore D 72*.  Ratio 50/50 by volume. Viscosity: Side A 40/Side B 70 cps.

  • #709 for mass castings. Make our Machineable Plastic by adding our fillers for unlimited thickness. Make a thermo-forming tool, holding fixture, pattern, a mold for composites, large decor item. Off white, no odor, 3-4 minute gel time. Shore D 72*.  Ratio 50/50 by volume. Side A 40/Side B 70 cps.

  • ROTO ONE for making rigid hollow parts in a RTV silicone rubber mold such as statuary. Can replace #891 if you want open pours with a longer gel time and stronger physicals. 3 to 6 minute gel time.  Off white to ivory color. Shore D 75*. Ratio 50/50 by volume. Side A 50/ Side B100 cps.


  • FLEX CAST SA50 N for a low cost, softer, easy to use, elastomer. Shock absorber, potting, cement mold. 4 to 7 minute gel time. White color.  Shore A 50*.  Ratio 50/50 by volume.  SideA 450/ SideB 750 cps.  
  • FLEX CAST SA90.2 N  for a stiffer, but still somewhat flexible elastomer. Ratio 60/40 by volume. 

R1/BB Premix & R1/P1 Premix

  • R1/BB - BUTTER-BOARD® PREMIX - Resin and filler combined for making Machineable Plastic boards. Makes a glass smooth, nonabrasive, paintable shape for signs, prototypes. CNC proofing, thermoforming tool. Limit to 6 inches thick. Ratio 50/50. See labels for additional info.
  • R1/P1 - EASY GREEN® PREMIX - Resin and filler combined for making Machineable Plastic boards. Cast to unlimited thickness. Nonabrasive for machining (not for painting). Ratio 50/50. See labels for additional information.


The materials are in stock and are shipped within 1 to 2 days by UPS or freight truck.
We picked containers that are easy to use and safe. The quart and gallon plastic jugs are similar to the bleach bottle shape which makes for easy shaking and pouring (metal paint cans always leave residue in the can lip that dribbles down the side). The five gallon container is a heavy duty translucent, plastic, rectangle with an on/off pour spout. This makes it convenient to place on its side while pouring without rolling off the table. We pack all these containers in boxes for shipping. Material Safety Data Sheets come with the products.

Our resins are very thin, similar to water, not thick like some resins that have the consistency of cold honey. Most of our resins are mixed 50/50 by volume. This makes it easy to use 'as is' or when adding equal amounts of our fillers. The thin resins mix easily and give good reproduction detail, look at the pictures of castings in the brochure. The R1 FAST CAST® resins do not contain fillers, unless stated on the container or in the literature for a special formulation such as our 'PREMIX....'. You do not have to use a paint shaker or scrape the container bottoms to get fillers back into solution.

Usually, when you buy our 'PREMIX' resins containing fillers, the 5 gal. or 55 gal. drum kits are partially full to allow you to mix the resin/filler back into solution. Remember this when ordering because even though you may order a five gallon container, the yield cost may only be 4.5 gallons.​
We have chosen high quality fillers to maintain good quality control with minimum rejects. These fillers can be added to our resins in different amounts or combinations depending on your needs. We recommend using only the best, we find that in the long (and short) run it saves time, labor and materials. We can advise you on the best system to use and provide tips for most jobs from start to finish. For test data information, refer to our TEST DATA Page on our website. Keep out of the reach of children. Read all labels carefully before using. Read the  Material Safety Data Sheet that comes with each material.


PURPOSE: For use as a high quality filler in R1 FAST CAST® resin to extend the resin, decrease the part weight, improve the physical qualities such as dimensional stability and make it possible to cast unlimited thickness (using #709) in one pour without exothermic cracking. USES: Blend with the resin 50/50 by volume to make decorative castings and our Machineable Plastic R1/M15 (a syntactic foam) which also gives it some insulation qualities. A high load of filler will turn the resin into a putty consistency. This filler has very high quality consistency, low moisture content and due to these reasons, actually makes the finished casting less expensive in the long run than using less expensive similar fillers. Quality control pays. Always keep containers closed to avoid moisture contamination. 2 Quart Box, 2 Gallon Box, 5 Gallon Box, One 10 Cubic Foot Box; (can be shipped by UPS), Bulk Sizes available.


PURPOSE: For use as a very high quality filler for R1 FAST CAST®  to strengthen the finished casting, increase the density, minimize shrinkage (less than 1/32" in 12", 50/50 volume blend), create a glass smooth cell structure and make unlimited thickness in one pour without cracking with FAST CAST® 709. The HG3000 FILLER is manufactured under rigid QC methods and has such a low moisture content that it will not cause resin problems as do other similar fillers. Again, this is where good quality control saves through less rejects. We have tested many brands and types of fillers and we only accept the best. USES: Blended 50/50 by volume with our #709 resin to make our Machineable Plastic R1/HG3000 composite tools, patterns, reference fixtures, vacuum forming and plug assist tools and industrial castings.

1 Quart Container, 1 Gallon Container, 5 Gallon Pail, Bulk Container



PURPOSE: For use in making the casting lighter in weight, insulate and improve machining characteristics. The finished cast block or board is also referred to as a syntactic foam when mixed in the recommended ratio of one to one by volume with FAST CAST resins. 

2 Quart Container, 2 Gallon Container, 5 Gallon Pail.

P1 Easy Green FILLER®

PURPOSE: For use as a filler only with our #709 or #891 resins (50/50 ratio by volume) to make nonabrasive Machineable Plastic R1/P1. The R1/P1 is used to make prototypes and proof CNC machining. Cannot be painted. The density of the resin remains almost the same with the filler added. 2 Quart Container, 2 Gallon Container, 5 Gallon Pail

                                                     OTHER PRODUCTS

For making flexible molds. Comes with complete instructions. We highly recommend this RTV as a quality product. Tin and platinum based. Sold by weight, 1 Quart Kit, 1 Gallon Kit, 5 Gallon Kit.


A powder additive for use with R1 FAST CAST® to keep the resin from expanding or foaming due to moisture contamination. Add small amounts to the "B" side for good quality control. Sold by weight. This material has the color and consistency of talcum powder. It will feel warm to the touch.

1 Pint, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons


For use on original patterns prior to pouring liquid RTV Silicone Rubber . Not recommended for some types of thermoplastics or sandblasted redwood (refer to SP MOLD RELEASE). No CFC's. One 12 oz. Aerosol can, 1/2  case or One case of 12.


For use over porous patterns such as sandblasted redwood signs prior to pouring liquid RTV Silicone Rubber, works best when reduced with 85% mineral spirits to a slushy consistency. Also used on metal or plywood molds, as is, when pouring R1 FAST CAST® and filler mixture to make Machineable plastic. Similar to petroleum jelly, stable up to 400 degrees F, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons.


Concentrates for use in the "B" side resin only, 2 - 5%.    1 Pint, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon. Many colors available.​


It is very important for quality control to have a complete and proper mix of resins. Ratio, method of mix, length of time of mixing and temperature are all points to consider. Follow the instructions. Quick hand mixing is usually not recommended. Stainless steel designed for fast and thorough mixing.


Razor sharp, very strong, steel knife used to cut a U channel locking groove for making a split or two part RTV Silicone Rubber mold.​


Use for RTV Silicone Rubber in the mixing bucket. A high quality rubber, molded as a single unit for longer life. Cured RTV Silicone Rubber pulls off easily. 13.75" long, blade is 3" wide x 4.5" long. After your first mix of rubber, scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container with this spatula and then mix the rubber again using the Jiffy Mixing Blade until even color.

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