Goldenwest Manufacturing is a privately held company founded in 1973 by Mr. Roger Bodine. Products manufactured by Goldenwest Manufacturing and sold internationally since 1973 were primarily for the machining industry. They were high density urethane blocks used to "proof" computer programs on numerically controlled milling machines. Ease in machining and lower cost made urethane the preferred choice over proofing on the actual steel used for the part being machined.

Initial development of NC Proofboard and our custom Machineable Plastics began in early 1989. By redesigning the chemical formulation and manufacturing methods of our machining products, fabrication material and physical characteristics were changed to meet the rigorous demands of an artist's creation and the machining standards of today's milling machines alike. 

Sales and marketing of the Goldenwest product line is based on our commitment to provide the highest level of support to our customers. This is made possible through our high quality line of products, data sheets, technical support, and fast order turnaround. We believe in "Delighting our Customers". 

​Our company has always been Customer Oriented. This attitude is a priority here at Goldenwest Manufacturing.  With many years of national and international sales, we have supplied our customers with high quality, competitively priced materials.

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"Delighting our customers since 1973"

(530) 272-1133