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Machineable Plastics



Casting Resins

          We specialize in customizing our products for your specific needs and proudly offer our specialized BUTTERBOARD®, a machineable plastic tooling or pattern board in various shapes and sizes. Other formulas of our urethane casting resin that we have available are: R1/HG3000, R1/M15.2, R1/M15, R1/P1 Easy Green, R1/BB, Model Board Resin 100.We also supply NC Proofboard®, rigid urethane foam board, R1 Fast Cast® urethane casting resin, rigid and flexible elastomersOur line will also meet your needs for support materials such as RTV Silicone Rubber, HG3000 Filler, M15 Filler, P1 Filler, Jiffy Mixing blades, Mold Release, and Molecular Sieves.

Not only will GOLDENWEST MFG., INC. provide you with the very best urethane products at a fair price with excellent delivery, we will stand behind them while continuing to offer superb service to each and every valued customer, just as we have been doing since 1970.

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